the edu backlinks

How to get EDU Backlinks

Find edu website using keywords

“ “employee discount program” “staff discounts” “student discounts””


To find all edu sites use bellow code:->




Set Up a Scholarship

In this case, we’re talking about scholarships. Think about your niche and the colleges you want to target and do some research to find which edu sites link to external scholarships. You can do this quickly by using the following search strings: “scholarships links” “scholarships” “college scholarships” “list of scholarships” “scholarship list”


Get Yourself on a Local Resource Page “local resources” “your city + resources” “admissions” “accommodation” inurl:visiting “local restaurants”


Give a Shout Out to Edu Site Bloggers “keyword” “blog posts” “keyword” “student blogs” “keyword” “post comment” “keyword” “student blogs” inurl:blog


Discounted Offers “employee discount program” “staff discounts” “student discounts”



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