How to be a good content writer

Nowadays “ writing content “ is getting so popular day. Students are involving In it as for as they don’t have to pay ealier and they have options to switch if they don’t find interest in it.

There are some important facts given below about content writing-

1)    Keyword in Title

A keyword is a very important thing for writing content, it expresses headline. So an extra ordinary title can attract people to read it more. Thus the company can develope as well as the employees.

2)    Keyword in Permalink

When a user searches one thing, he gets thousands of results. Here is the work of permalink. if a link contains certain information, user doesn’t need to go through all the links.

3)    Keyword in the first paragraph

A keyword is not allowed to use so many times in 1st 100 words. It reduces the beauty of a content.

4)    keyword in the last paragraph

the last paragraph is summarising of the whole. So definitely we can use synonym keywords to remind what we have done in the total content. The main idea, supporting the idea, the main evidence of each point that can be included in the brief.

5)    Tweaked Keyword in H2 or H3

Always keep in mind that h2 is only a subheading of h1 and h3 is a subheading of h2. And consequently, it will be going on. Thinking these as a hierarchy based unimportance, the above being more important than the below. So using the same word will reduce the value of content and the reader will lose the interest. Here we have to be careful choosing a word.


6)    Keyword in content body

The same word should not be used again and again all over the content.it makes bore users and they lose interest .chronological correct word and tagging particularly help to go to first a link in the Google ranking.

7)Meta description

This is one of the most essential parts of the content. It is a life of any content which shows the zest of any topic. After searching when the user sees perfect description what is ranked top according to Google they enter in that link.

7)    video or multimedia

men are very fond of pictures always. maybe one can’t understand another’s language, but a picture can say it all. That’s why it’s known as the queen of any content. Photos, video etc clearly make understand people, what they want to say.

8)    Others

There are still some important things remain such as we should not use stop word to the title or permalink, stop words mean preposition & conjunction; should reduce the loading time while uploading, people don’t want to lose time .another one is optimizing image time. and be exact and in detail as far as possible, the user wants to be clear, so using a simple word, sentences can help them and this also boasts a content’s ranking too.




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