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Technical SEO Key Points

To rank any site you have to know Technical SEO Key Points. If you have good audit your will rank your site easily. Let’s get the audit

I. Website Loading Speed Time

Improve Server Response Time

  1. Optimize & Reduce Image Size Without Affecting the Visual Appearance
  2. Minimize the Render-Blocking Javascript and CSS
  3. Limit the Number of Resources & HTTP Requests
  4. Set a Browser Cache Policy
  5. Reduce the Number of Redirects & Eliminate Redirect Loop
  6. Avoid Loading Your Site With Too Much Stuff

II. Website Functionality & Usability

  1. Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly
  2. Build Search Engine Friendly URLs
  3. Use the Secure Protocol – HTTPs
  4. Set Preferred Version
  5. Set up Correctly the 301 Redirects After Site Migration
  6. Make Sure Your Resources Are Crawlable
  7. Test Your Robots.Txt File to Show Google the Right Content
  8. Verify the Indexed Content
  9. Review Your Sitemap to Avoid Being Outdated
  10. Review Blocked Resources (Hashbang URLs) with Fetch as Google
  11. Optimize Your Crawl Budget
  12. Avoid Meta Refresh for Moving a Site
  13. Use Redirect for Flash Site to the HTML Version
  14. Use Hreflang for Language and Regional URLs
  15. Make Sure Your Tracking Is Working Properly

III. Content Optimization

  1. Redirect/Replace Broken Links & Resources
  2. Audit Internal Links to Improve Your Chances to Rank Higher
  3. Get Rid of Duplicate Content
  4. Use Structured Data to Highlight Your Content
  5. Keep a Reasonable Number of Links On-Page
  6. Avoid Canonicalizing Blog Pages to the Root of the Blog

IV. User-Friendlier Website

  1. Set up Your AMP the Right Way – Mobile Friendlier
  2. Add Breadcrumbs for a Better Navigation
  3. Test On as Many Platforms and Devices as Possible